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Bob Schaffer
Bob is one of Colorado 's foremost and most experienced education policy leaders and experts. As a former State Senator and US Congressman, Bob served as Vice-chairman of the Senate Education Committee and as a Member of the US House Education and the Workforce Committee where he was Vice-chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth, and Families. He has been involved in nearly all aspects of public education. more»

January 29, 2002

Congress approves Schaffer resolution
Schaffer’s Catholic Schools Resolution Adopted

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a resolution authored by U.S. Congressman Bob Schaffer (R-CO) highlighting the importance of America’s Catholic schools and recognizing the 28th annual Catholic Schools Week.  Schaffer successfully carried a similar resolution last year.

Schaffer directly benefited from his Catholic school attendance and his resolution is an opportunity for him to recognize the enormous contribution Catholic schools make to America.
“In addition to being sources of academic excellence, Catholic schools correctly recognize education must not ignore a child’s spiritual needs.  Thankfully, Catholic educators readily provide a firm moral foundation along with one of the best academic programs on the planet,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer’s resolution congratulates Catholic school students, parents and teachers across the nation for their ongoing contributions to education and for the key role they play in promoting and ensuring a brighter, stronger future for America.

According to Schaffer, “Catholic schools give children the essential building blocks for their development into productive adults.  Catholic education is a combination of intellectual challenge, spiritual development, and rigorous academics which have been the envy of America’s public education establishment.” 

“For centuries, Catholic schools have been a gift to the nation, as well as to the Catholic church,” said Michael Guerra, president of the National Catholic educational Association (NCEA). 

“Our schools have had steady growth throughout the last century, as they have helped children become informed and caring citizens.  Catholic educators continue their longstanding commitment to providing a values-added education for students, including those in the country’s urban and inner city areas where most of our schools are located,” Guerra said.

     Congressman Schaffer was first elected to Congress in November of 1996.  He is a member of the Agriculture Committee, the Resources Committee and the Education and the Workforce Committee.  He is Vice Chairman of the Education Subcommittee on Education Reform, the Speaker’s Appointee to the House Republican Policy Committee, and President of the Republican Junior Class.

January 30, 2002
Congressman Schaffer speaks to group of catholic school students visiting Washington, D.C.


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