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Bob Schaffer
Bob is one of Colorado 's foremost and most experienced education policy leaders and experts. As a former State Senator and US Congressman, Bob served as Vice-chairman of the Senate Education Committee and as a Member of the US House Education and the Workforce Committee where he was Vice-chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth, and Families. He has been involved in nearly all aspects of public education. more»

Bob Schaffer announces “All-Youth” campaign for State Board of Education

Fort Collins, CO --  Former US Congressman and current Member of the Colorado State Board of Education Bob Schaffer (R-Fort Collins) has decided to put his customers in charge of his campaign to retain the position he holds on the State Board.

Students will manage all aspects of Schaffer’s campaign and say they’re having great fun learning the ropes of campaign management and community leadership.  Schaffer has tapped 17-year-old Brittany Lewin of Greeley as his campaign manager. 

“Everyone knows about Bob Schaffer’s political accomplishments and the character he showed in keeping his term-limits pledge,”  said Lewin.  “Our campaign is all about integrity and empowering youth.  Bob believes so much in getting young people involved in politics, he actually put us in charge of his campaign.”

Lewin says the enthusiasm for the campaign has been overwhelming.  “We’ve been very busy getting the campaign started, setting up the website, producing flyers and dealing with the campaign paperwork,”  she said. 

Young citizens of any age are invited to pitch in.  There are many volunteer jobs involving management still available. 

Getting valuable campaign experience is one of the benefits of joining Bob Schaffer’s All-Youth campaign, but members of the current team say the chance to help Schaffer continue his work improving Colorado’s schools is a perfect way to give back to their communities.

“As a Colorado State Senator, a US Congressman and as a member of the State Board of Education, Mr. Schaffer has a well-established record as a tireless leader supporting and improving Colorado’s schools,”  said Rachael Miller, the campaign’s volunteer coordinator.

Miller said young people are finding the Schaffer campaign to be an important, serious effort with an obvious purpose, and they’re having fun running it. “We are all learning quite a lot, and we really are in charge of the whole thing,” said Miller.  “Of course we welcome the help of parents, too.  We have jobs and tasks for everyone who supports Bob.”

The campaign might even be profitable for some.  Lewin said the campaign will award cash and prizes to people who lend their talents through various contests. 

Much of Schaffer’s advertising will be done through a homemade yard sign effort and homemade radio and television ads.  Details of the contests can be found on Schaffer’s All-Youth campaign website at

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